Peavey Power Amp Model 800 Booster


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Price:  $50.00

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Peavey Power Amplifier 100 Watts @ 8 ohms.  Priced at $50.00.  Welcome to the cheapest power you will ever purchase.  Priced at 50 cents per watt RMS for the next owner, please know I just no longer use this power amplifier.  Frankly, I dont play live anymore so Im letting this go.

This Peavey 800 Booster is rated at 400 W rms into 2 ohms at 1% THD.  It is mono, not stereo.  This amplifier would be good for floor monitors.  I reverse calculated the watts and found it to be 100 Watts RMS into 8 ohms.  Input level is specified at 800 mV.  That level is typical for power amplifiers.

Dimensions for the Power Amp are 28 wide x 10.5 Tall x 15 Deep.

This unit worked fine last time it was used.  I am including a specification sheet and schematic.  The amplifier has never failed.  I just had the opportunity to obtain the documentation and took advantage of that opportunity.

Not much else I can say.

Peavey Power Amp Model 800 Booster